Droga5 asked us to capture a photo-bank and series of short video interviews, focusing on specific themes, for Fáilte Ireland's 'Keep Discovering' project, in collaboration with production company Antidote, who were making a TV advert. The project took place over 17 days, in nearly every county in Ireland. At times Finn mirrored the crew’s shots and at other times he worked on his own, exploring the stories of local people and their deep connections with their corner of Ireland.

The aim was to explore the stories of local people, all the while trying to unearth the truth of what makes a place special to them. Here is a selection of shots from Finn's favourite theme, ‘The Feels’, which tries to convey how it feels to travel around this island - the sensations and experiences of discovering a place like no other on this planet.
The project was commissioned by Droga5, and the production company was Antidote. Thanks to the whole crew and cast, in particular thanks to Dave Bowen, Frances O’Rourke, Al Byrnes, Siobhan Coakley, Andrew Freedman, Brendan Canty and Colm Keating.