These images were shot for IPL Global, a global company headquartered in Dublin. In contributing to their photo-bank, we have visited Lommel in Belgium, Kentucky in the U.S. and Quebec City, St. Damien, Montreal & Edmundston in Canada, as well as several sites in the UK. We have shot mostly stills and also a small amount of video content to work towards IPLs content library. On this project we work in collaboration with Wove and Aad.

The brief was to capture the people and places that the company operate in, from the factory floor to the local urban areas
Whilst on the North American leg of the project, an unusually cold weather system moved in, giving the additional element of an early winter as a visual background to the project. The heavy layers of snow pictured are illuminating as to what this place looks like for a large portion of the year.
The nearby cities provided a contrast to the quiet nature of the factory towns, with high-rise office buildings taking the place of still country roads.