This pair of films were produced, shot and edited by Stills & Motion for the ‘Access to the Workplace’ programme at Dublin City University. The brief was to create two films, each following a past and present Access student that have taken part in this programme. It was created in 2019 to give Access students the opportunity to acquire professional work placements in a variety of well-established companies. These videos follow students who were placed at the pharmaceutical company AbbVie and the law firm Matheson. The objective was to highlight the importance of the programme whilst seeing and hearing from the students as they go about a day in their lives.

In this film we meet Brian and Imogen, two access students who completed the ATTW programme with Matheson. Brian took part in the programme in 2019 and Imogen has just completed her work placement this past summer. Both were delighted to be placed at Matheson and received praise from their employer on successful completion of the work placement.

This film follows Udo, a past participant of the programme, and Amelia, who completed the programme this past summer. We spend a day with them at AbbVie Clonshaugh where we learn about their studies, interests and work experience.

My biggest takeaway from working at Matheson would definitely be the client and interpersonal professional skills I learnt. - Brian
I think employers have a lot to gain from the programme, as it provides them with the different perspectives that they would not have got from more traditional recruitment processes. - Imogen
I decided to take part in ‘Access to the Workplace’ to gain some professional experience, as well as making some connections in the professional world - Emilia