Stills & Motion worked with Imbibe to create a brand film that would represent who they are as a company. We shot interviews with Gary and Aidan the Head Roaster and spent time at the roastery filming the day-to-day activities of Gary and his team. Everything came together to create a short film which was produced, shot and edited by Stills & Motion. This film has subsequently been included in the 2022 100 Archive Selection.

Imbibe is a coffee roastery that is unique in so many ways. Aside from roasting great coffee, they have created a business model based on ‘conscious capitalism’ that gives back to a number of different communities. When Gary, the founder and creator of Imbibe, decided to open the roastery he knew he would do things differently. He believed it was possible to roast really great coffee and at the same time run a business that elevates kindness and generosity at every stage of the process.

Since they first began roasting coffee in 2018 Imbibe have succeeded in bringing some of the best coffee Ireland has ever had onto the market. Panama Gesha is considered by many to be the best coffee in the world and Imbibe were the first roastery to bring this exclusive variety to Ireland. It is produced by Pedro Moss of La Huella, one of the many coffee farmers that Imbibe have an ongoing, personal relationship with.

“We’ve also brought in rare and exotic varieties like Wush Wush from Colombia and in 2020 roasted coffee from world record holders for coffee price, Ninety Plus Estates of Panama.”

One of the many generous things Imbibe have done in recent years is funding two footbridges for a co-op they buy from in Columbia. ASOPEP Planadas provide Imbibe with their popular Kaleidoscope coffee, their single origin El Puente as well as a number of other competition standard varieties. Imbibe agreed to fund a first and then second footbridge after finding out that the farmers and local children were having trouble crossing the river each day.

There are a number of other things that Imbibe do that stand out, demonstrating the ethical and benevolent way in which they run their business. One of these is Imbibe’s continuous support of the charity, Women’s Aid, to whom they donate 1% of their sales. Another 1% of sales goes to the staff, and a third 1% goes to projects at coffee origins. It is important to note here that Imbibe is donating 1% of their sales and not their profits: two very different things.

The final thing to mention about Imbibe, is their commitment to achieving a zero waste company. They deliver their wholesale coffee in reusable cans, that once ready are collected, cleaned and re-filled, ready to continue the cycle.