This is a film about Anthony. Anthony transformed his life after evading destruction. He’s from the Oliver Bond flats in the Liberties, where his family has resided for generations. After building up a tough exterior in order to cope with life’s challenges, he finally had enough, recognising it was time for change. He found the courage to walk into the Robert Emmet centre and seek the help and guidance he needed. After a period of time he made crucial changes to his life and evolved from being anxious and closed-off to social and supportive.

The full short doc is in production, and below is a trailer.

After Anthony's outlook on life changed, so did his habits and hobbies. He had always loved art and drawing but never had the courage to follow his passion further than a few doodles here and there. Now Anthony is registered at the National College of Art & Design, NCAD, and is about to enter his third year of an undergraduate degree in sculpture. He is finally able to share his work with the world and not shy away from his creativity.

Not only is Anthony a full-time arts student he is also on his way to becoming the biggest beekeeper in Ireland. He manages and maintains hives on a number of rooftops around the city. This has taught him patience, discipline and sensitivity, among many other things.

When he's not engrossed in his artwork or caring for the thousands of bees on Dublin's rooftops, Anthony can be found giving walking tours of the Liberties to both locals and tourists. Something he could not have imagined doing five years ago, he now speaks to the crowds with ease and has no problem letting his personality shine. Anthony grew up in the Liberties and is somewhat of an expert on the place. From the origins of street names to the tales of local characters who once roamed the area, he has a mind full of fun and interesting stories.

This story is about change, determination and courage. It was no easy feat for Anthony to turn around his life and there were times he thought he wouldn't make it. But after reaching his breaking point, he persevered. With the support of his family he turned his life around and is now proud of the artist, beekeeper, tour guide and father he has become.